Foundation Activities

Workshops Organized :

  • One day workshop on “Use of Solar Energy in Building Planning and Design” in Sept. 2004 at KIT College of Engineering, Kolhapur.
  • One day workshop on “Design of Green Building” in May 2006 at Kolhapur.
  • Two day workshop on “Dream of Green City” at Hotel The Senator, Pune on 21-22 Sept. 2006 for Builders, Architects and municipal authorities.
  • One day workshop on “Renewable Energy Sources” conducted jointly by foundation and DKTE College, Ichalkaranji on 2nd October 2007.
  • One day workshops on “Design of Green Building”  at Hupari, Islampur, Sangli and Nashik
  • Two Day national Conference on Green Tech 2009 at Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Feb. 2009
  • Lectures on Green Building at many places in Maharashtra and Goa ( Sponsored by ACC Ltd)

 Books Published :

  • Three poem books written by Sou. Shubhangi S. Ranade, Trustee of Foundation viz 'Kavyadeep','Sangava and 'Say'  were published, to promote Marathi Literature
  • Sanskritdeepika Book written by Sou. Shubhangi S. Ranade, Trustee of Foundation. It deals with teaching Sanskrit in schools and contains Sanskrit grammar, word dictionary Marathi to Sanskrit, Dhatu, Vibhakti, Sandhi and Samas collection. 

Networking :

Dnyandeep has MOU with many Engineering colleges and research organisations for undertaking joint projects of education & research.


Research Projects : The foundation has done extensive research in use of Solar energy and application of LED technology for reducing electrical energy requirements in buildings.