Online Environmental Studies Course for Teachers

Environmental studies has become a mandatory course at graduate level in all branches. However, there is lack of properly trained teachers in environmental science and technology.

Environmental Studies is a vast subject with many diverse topics requiring basic knowledge of physics, chemistry and microbiology. It deals with study of air, water, soil, flora and fauna and impact of human activities . Moreover, as the subject is closely related to human health and nature and development projects, it becomes difficult for the learner to grasp the scope of subject, and for teachers it presents a formidable task to plan the lecture material with adequate mix of theory and its practical relevance.

There are graduate and post graduate courses in environmental science, engineering and technology. However, it is not possible or affordable for all degree colleges to appoint full time lecturer having degree in Environmental science and technology. Hence, generally this task is handed over to guest faculty on clock hour or contract basis. In such a system, the teacher is not available to students for all time to solve their difficulties and timetable has to be adjusted to suit guest faculty convenience. The college also lacks proper guidance in environmental awareness activities and projects.

Considering this need Dnyandeep Education & Research Foundation in Sangli has developed a net based course on Environmental Studies for Teachers. The course is of six months duration with fees of Rs. 12000/- per participant and can be completed by graduate teacher of any branch in spare time with online multimedia learning material.

Dnyandeep Foundation has a resource group of experienced environmental engineers, scientists and professors, conducted many workshops and has launched three websites ie, and The teachers joining this course will be given reading material, latest field examples and ready presentations on various environmental topics to enable him in teaching this subject effectively.

Those who are interested in joining this course may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..