Test-5 Graphic Problems

  1. If a ball of radius 5 pixels is at 50,100 and is moving from left to right horizontally, which value will change? How you will link it to time
  2. If the same ball has to move upwards what actions are needed and what will be change in coordinates
  3. If it has to turn left or right, or up or down at the click of arrow key can you write the code
  4. If the ball is moving from x1,y1 to x2,y2 within a stage in a straight line can you write the code.
  5. If it strikes border what should be change in direction and motion. How to achieve it.
  6. If the ball is to move in circle how you can achieve it.
  7. If the ball has to move on a specific path which includes straight lines, turns, curves how you will achieve it.
  8. A progress bar is to be shown to represent bytes loaded. If bar length is 100 pixels and bytes to be loaded are 34000 bytes. How you will show color fill corresponding to bytes loaded.
  9. If text has to appear indicating bytes loaded how you will do it.
  10. If thermometer is to show temperature rise during heating can you do it.
  11. Can you link it to opening burner flame and closing it.
  12. Can you show bubbles moving up during heating water.
  13. Bubbles while coming up increase size and break at surface How you will show it
  14. What is difference between circle and ellipse what are the parameters necessary to define them.
  15. How you will draw circle or ellipse programmatically
  16. What parameters are needed for defining arc of circle or ellipse
  17. How you will draw arc of circle or arc of ellipse
  18. If earth (globe) is represented by a sphere it will look like a circle with central horizontal line as equator and top and bottom points as north and south poles . How you will draw and show longitudes at every 300 interval. Only visible portion should be shown.
  19. Can you use the same technique to show lunar crescent changing every time
  20. Can you show effect of light and shadow for the crescent with gradient for lighted portion at outer arc and feathering for inner arc
  21. By using longitudes at every 300 interval. As guide how many images you will have to prepare if you have to show earth’s rotation
  22. Can you show moon moving in circle around earth and earth moving in ellipse around sun
  23. Can you show earth tilted in vertical axis towards sun during motion
  24. Can you add all planets in the solar system
  25. Can you convert a bitmap of continent  into different countries in vector format
  26. Can you add information in form of points, lines, areas, text on map.
  27. Can you Prepare different layers of same map to show different information
  28. Can you provide combination of these layers as needed for customized map.