Smart mobile friendly website design

Dnyandeep Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has designed the first responsive smart website for Umed Group in Madhavnagar.  I first of all thank the management of Umed Group to get their website redesigned with latest responsive design tools for making the site device friendly.  Now the website layout changes automatically based on the users device, be it a wide screen laptop or small screen mobile. Earlier, it was necessary to design two websites with different layouts for normal screen and small mobile screen. 

 The website( uses latest Windows layout and is seen on normal monitor as follows.
Index Page 

Other Pages


This will have a great impact on the usability of website information for the busy customers, who use their mobiles to access internet instead of office computer or laptop. 
 If we try to see the normal website on mobile, there is partial view of screen with scrollbar, which hampers full  image view and  creates difficulty in reading text.  

 Dnyandeep Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has used bootstrap technology for modifying CSS based on device specifications and developed image sliders and different components of webpage to properly rearrange within the screen area available for display.

 If we see the above website on mobile with small screen size, the layout is changed as follows

Index Page 

As you can see the image slider has changed its dimensions based on screen size.

For other pages, the horizontal menu is converted to vertical layout, and it is symbolically shown as menu icon  in top right corner. This helps to navigate to any page by opening the vertical menu by tapping on the menu icon. If there is some delay in display of text due to special font rendering, you may have to refresh the screen to get proper and clear text display. 

Other Pages


With the popularity of smart phone devices, almost every literate person is using such device.  Due to ease of accessibility of website on mobiles, it has become imperative that all normal websites should be redesigned to suit mobile display requirements.

Dnyandeep Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has geared up its skill set to  handle complex webpage layouts to match responsive web design requirements.