Big Data or Relevant Data

The software companies in the world are after developing new tools and methods to grasp all data coming on the internet and analyzing it to find the trends and likings of people to give clues for companies regarding planning of their future expansion projects. Considering the vast scope of Big Data as regards  sources, volume, type of data, speed of data generation and unpredictable fluctuations with time, the task of data compilation and analysis is becoming more difficult day by day. Distributed  storage and parallel processing of data  through Hadoop programming  system has achieved major success in handling such enormous data.


The so called Big Data, accessible on the internet is a very small part of the actual data generated. Majority of relevant data remains locked up in personal and organizational  secure storages and is never disclosed to public. The free data we see on the internet is just a tip of iceberg, major portion remaining hidden in private domain .


Most of the data originated through facebook, twitter and other social sites and email communications is full of local issues and  entertainment, repetitive  material  with very little worthwhile information. Searching such voluminous data for few hints and clues is like searching needle in haystack. Hence the question naturally arises that whether such effort is worthwhile?  The investments needed for necessary infrastructure and development of sustainable computer systems require huge financial resources. Still, the software companies are after it. Why?


This is because of the Big Money that they can get through search of such Big Data. Big international corporations have a large client base distributed widely on geographical scale. Their investments are big and afford to pay big money for market research. This has given boost for expanding software capabilities for large scale multifarious information collection, storage and analysis.  This gave rise to new concept of providing  Cloud storage and cloud computing services which are reliable, scalable and economical  for big and small businesses alike.


A new era of wearable small devices with capability of huge memory storage and computing power  through hired cloud  services will drastically change the whole scenario of local computer requirements of organizations.  Many fields like education, environment, health and administration will greatly benefit by adopting Big Data management systems.


 Still, we have to admit that the Big Data and Cloud computing concepts are not required  for majority of business activities and people would continue to use their desktops for normal work.  Traditional  relevant data  with rich value will keep their work simple and within their total control.