Dnyandeep for Digital India

Digital India Mission launched by government is a right decision for bringing India on fast track of development. Information technology is the key factor for growth in all sectors. It eliminates corruption by ensuring transparency, reduces cost and energy consumption  significantly and helps to preserve natural resources. Our young software engineers are playing an important role in management of multinational business houses and corporate industries world over. It is now necessary to build strong soft skill manpower force to handle major problems of India  like poverty, unemployment, need of improvement in agriculture, health and education sectors.


However, it is not enough to focus only on young generation for IT skill development, but IT education should percolate to all sections of the society. We are loosing great reserves of knowledge and experience of senior citizens, only due to their ignorance about use of new information technology. Majority of women in India , who are bound to home is an untapped potential of knowledge workers and they  can contribute a lot in knowledge sharing and education with financial returns.


It is observed that majority of people still consider use of computers to be too technical and complex job and fail to take advantage of the many cost and time saving utilities provided by computer. Still very few  industries, businesses and organizations have understood the benefits of their  presence on internet with their website.All out efforts are needed in educating the people about importance of getting acquainted with new information technology.


Dnyandeep Infotech Pvt. Ltd., since its inception in 2000 is striving to create such awareness by launching portal websites in regional languages. Dnyandeep Education & Research Foundation established in 2005 has launched many educational websites for providing learning material to students. The new project undertaken by Dnyandeep to start a webmaster course is big step in efforts to develop self employeed web designers who will become the agents for change in mindset of people and help them to become active participants in the mission of Digital India.