E-Bussiness through website

Requirement of e-Business has posed a new challenge before traditional business industry. Industry in India is not yet prepared to face such a challenge. There is need to
undertake major project to create awareness and educate the industry about the importance of web technology and gearing up the business with it.
“ Every manager carries around in his head a set of biases, assumptions and presuppositions about the structure of the relevant industry, about how one makes money in the industry, about who the competition is and isn’t about, who the customers are and aren’t, which technologies are viable and which aren’t and so on…” - Peter Drucker
These are the main stumbling blocks which limit their vision and obstruct inflow of warning signals from changing environment and resist the change in system. This inertia is percolated to lower cadres of organization and it becomes difficult for business to respond to the new requirements and grab the opportunities unfolded or overpower new competitors.
The website of industry can provide interaction with vendors, suppliers, customers and build IT brand image for the company. All MNCs’ and successful industries in India have their strong presence in cyber space.
Martin T. Focazio in his new book 'the e-factor' suggests a normal website budget of $20000/- minimum for a business at single location having 100 employees.With e-commerce capabilities such as shopping and catalog management the cost may be $50000 to $60000. For companies with multiple locations and full integration, websites can range from $250,000 to $4 million or $5 million. Focazio further mentions that 33% of initial budget should be allocated every year maintenance and improvement of website. Unless it is considered as normal marketing cost like advertisement, the website will not yield expected results.
What is budget of Indian industries for website in this context? Even if we replace $ with Rs., still it is not spent by these industries. They consider it as one time business, hardly changing the contents or keeping it updated. How then our industries will cope up with global compition?
The Corcoran Group, a New York City real estate company earned $4.5 million in sales initiated through their website in the first year and it grew to $ 60 millon in two years
Though in India, due to less number of connections,slow internet speed and low internet awareness, such spectacular results may not be apperent. But the situation is changing fast and global companies are ready to take advantage of this opportunity due to their high money power and technical supremacy.
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