Emerging New Post - Web Designer

Website represents presence of industry or organisation in cyber world. We are conversant with Microsoft, Google, Yahoo companies through their websites. Their geographical location, infrastructure, workforce do not carry any significance and remain mostly unknown to users and customers. Hence, small and newly established companies also can compete with these big international business giants through their web presentation skills and attract customers.

Traditionally, the businesses were spending huge amounts on infrastructure like offices, shops and showrooms to create public image and status for enhancing customer base. But now the times are changing. Advertisement and Communication through internet has crossed all hurdles of location and time and accessibility constraints. It has become far more effective, convenient , economical and customer centric. Naturally, marketing strategy has undergone sea change, where website has to play the key role in running the business and its growth.

In India, government has taken a major policy decision to promote e-governance in all sectors and use of internet also is growing rapidly. Government offices, Railways, Banks, Educational Institutes have already adopted internet as the main channel of communication and information dissemination. Industries and other organisations have started to gear up for adoption of net based activities. However, there is no serious attempt to streamline the process of using website as main marketing tool. It is observed that most of the websites in India are not maintained and updated properly leading to unreliability of information displayed. Naturally websites remain only as informative brochures or showpiece.

Establishment of web management department under the leadership of properly trained webmaster is the need of the day. For big organisations, web office should have web developers, content writers, web designers, graphic designers, multimedia technicians, data entry operators and system analysts. In small organisations, such a separate web office is not affordable and the job of design and updating is generally done from outside parties.

Still there is a need of specific post of web master, who will be acting as liaison officer with a responsibility of keeping website up to date, free from any errors or broken links. He should also have basic knowledge of webdesign, modifying or adding contents, uploading of webpages and images, and multimedia resources. Web master should be able use remote server control panel of website and update the website without help from outside webdesign company at any time as per requirements of organisation.

Naturally webmaster should be jack of all necessary trades even if not a master of any specific field. The online webmaster course launched by Dnyandeep Foundation is designed to address these specific requirements of webmaster for small organisation, industry or business.

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